Envirotech Builds a New IT Infrastructure for Enviro-Clean (Scotland) Ltd

Envirotech Integration Ltd are delighted to announce that Enviro-Clean (Scotland) Ltd’s new IT infrastructure is almost finished. The East Kilbride-based company solicited the help of Envirotech when it became clear that their old IT system and network  (pictured above) would not be able to support the planned expansion of their offices and staff. (You can visit Enviro-Clean’s website here: https://www.evcsl.com.)

After a number of visits to Enviro-Clean’s premises in Autumn 2016, a plan for a brand new CAT6 network was put into place and coordinated with the building of a new Operations office and the transition from traditional to VoIP telephone system. Some of the IT upgrades include:

  • A brand new CAT6 network powered by two 50-port managed Cisco switches (see details below)
  • Secure and stable Wi-Fi throughout the offices and the yard
  • A 20/100 dedicated leased line
  • Replacing the existing traditional Panasonic System with a Cisco VoIP system
  • Replacing the existing iPhone and Nokia mobile phones with Samsung phones and increasing the number of company mobile phones
  • Installing dash cams and trackers
  • Gradual upgrade of the computers and printers within the company
  • Transitioning from a physical server on the premises to a cloud server
  • Moving from POP e-mails to Google Apps for Work
  • Adding an SSL Certificate and an Online Chat support to the website
  • Tightening the security across all aspects of the IT Systems

Since October 2016, Envirotech have been working tirelessly to deliver Enviro-Clean’s new network infrastructure. The work involved preparing a new dedicated IT cabinet which now securely and safely holds all network hardware and the company’s fibre termination point. Once the cabinet was secured and installed with a new 28u floor standing rack, we ran 136 new CAT6 cables from it to the different parts of the building, tested them all and terminated them into CAT6 patch panels in the rack. We installed 136 network points throughout the offices, tested them to make sure they are all up and working at optimal speeds, and made 96 of them live. Finally, we moved the existing PABX phone system to the rack as a temporary solution until the new Cisco VoIP system is up and running. In terms of WiFi, 3 indoor and 2 outdoor Wi-Fi points cover the whole premises and provide a continuous and stable Internet connection.

Simeon Krastev, IT Systems Administrator at Enviro-Clean (Scotland) Ltd, said:

I would like to thank Envirotech for all the time and efforts they put in making Enviro-Clean’s network infrastructure practically bulletproof. Bobby Logan is a very experienced professional; he really made sure that what was discussed and promised at the beginning was delivered within the set time and under the set budget, and I am looking forward to working with him again in the future.”

Moving Forward

What is left to be done is a small amount of tidying up of the rack for the project to be completed However, Envirotech and Enviro-Clean have already shaken hands over another important project – a state-of-the-art CCTV Monitoring system with full remote access and recording. Stay tuned for more information and photos.