Looking after the Horses! Kinkell Equestrian

August 15, 2017 Articles 0 Comments

Kinkell Equestrian

Being out in the country is probably a good reason to install a good security system; because farms are mostly in rural areas they offer some challenges when it comes getting technology working at it’s best. The biggest challenge we often have to overcome is problems relating to internet speed, we have ways of dealing with this; if you have less than 4mb/s download speed you will know all about the problems with streaming video whether that’s  Netflix, CCTV or some other video source. Normally in this circumstance we will recommend having two ADSL lines or more we then load balance the lines with a good internet router this brings stability to your connection and your internal network.

Once we’ve sorted you out with a good internet connection we can start adding the technology to keep you, your family & and your animals safe, our CCTV installation gives the ability to view your cameras day or night from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection that is!

Our latest installation at Kinkell equestrian was very challenging but the end result is fantastic with the functionality of the IP cameras in the stables being particularly impressive – remember the video your watching is of the substream over the internet on both a Laptop and then the mobile app, actual footage being recorded and viewed locally is even sharper!

Our client at Kinkell Equestrian set out their requirements for the job and we set about designing a system that would be functional yet easy to use. As with any  job we started with the network design specifying the correct network equipment is key to any technology installation; instability in the network creates instability in the system.

We Installed:

  • Security – IP CCTV was installed around the site with 24 hour recording and remote monitoring with  fish eye lenses that give multiple streams covering 360 degrees all being recorded, view-able and controllable simultaneously. We also installed a wired alarm system to add more security to the site.
  • Smart Heating – We installed a honeywell evohome system to independently control every radiator in 10 zones + hot water controls.
  • Smart Lighting – The property has been retro fitted with control 4 dimmers; the control 4 keypads can replace any existing light switch upgrading rooms to have smart lighting without any mess and with no alteration to wiring.
  • Audio Visual – We installed an HD Video matrix which gives all video sources including SKY Q, CCTV, Blu-ray DVD to every screen in the house independently or simultaneously in Full HD/4K, the stables and indoor arena were fitted with an audio system to keep the horses relaxed, challenged at times making sure they used to noisier environments to help prepare them for competition.
  •  Control 4 system – All of the above is controlled simply with a handheld remote control (SR-260) or a phone/tablet app. the control 4 system can have up to 50 app’s connected so your not forced to buy multiple expensive controls.