Best Cameras for Home Surveillance

November 16, 2017 Articles 0 Comments

Should you use a security system with video surveillance? Remember, a system that is connected to video cameras provides the benefit of constantly recording the premises. The choice to have a video surveillance system in addition to a security system is therefore very dependent on the size of a home, the needs of each home, the value of the property to be protected, etc.

The best cameras for home surveillance are cameras you can control remotely. These cameras should include the ability to adjust the angle of the cameras when they are motorized or the ability to adjust the zoom for sharper images. The home surveillance remote control is therefore used to arm or disarm cameras, control the various devices present on the system or to engage functions associated with the cameras.

Security System Brands

Some security system brands also specialize in home automation and offer interesting home surveillance options. If you have a camera with an infrared sensor, for example, make sure it is properly installed so that it does not detect areas that have heat sources. The detector identifies heat changes, and when it detects a difference in temperature (a human body) it issues an alert to the control panel.

However, this technology is limited and cannot be used as a substitute for volumetric detection by specific detectors. Like volumetric detectors, infrared barriers also work with infrared technology. Remember, ADT now offers cord cutter alarm system packages.

Wireless surveillance systems are often preferred for their scalability and ease of installation. Once the wired surveillance system is installed, it becomes difficult to improve, unless you undertake complex work. The installation of a wired alarm is therefore relatively complex, at least it is not within the reach of everyone. It is therefore necessary to set up the appropriate settings at the time of installation.

Video Surveillance Devices

Coupled with an alarm, a video surveillance device allows users to check alerts remotely. Remember, an isolated house or an empty home during the holidays is an attractive target. When connected to a telephone line or mobile, a video surveillance device can also send alerts to the owner of the premises or to registered numbers. Cameras are also easily removed and reinstalled when moving.

It is for these reasons that home surveillance security systems are as important, if not more valuable, than insurance. It is also for these reasons, that it is recommended to ask the following question: “Is my home surveillance sufficiently dissuasive?” Avoid unnecessary costs by targeting your needs and dealing with a security system company that will listen to your needs.

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