4 Security Features Every Home Must Have

November 22, 2017 Articles 0 Comments

The safety of your home is vital to ensure that you and your loved ones are well-protected. But when it comes to your security system, what things are necessary and what things are superfluous? How do you know what you need? Here are a few things to look into.


Home alarms are the most common security feature and for good reason. Different alarms can serve different functions, but the purpose of all alarms is universal: let you know something isn’t right. Security alarms make a loud noise when an armed door or window is opened, and they can let the authorities know as well. You should also have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors placed throughout your home. These alarms are meant to protect your family from natural disasters. If you have ever heard one go off, you know how effective they are in making you leave the area.

Motion Sensor Lights

Having adequate lighting around your home is important for your safety in a few different ways. Walking around outside at night without lights can make it easy to trip or hurt yourself and it can be easy for someone to sneak up to your home. But leaving your lights on all night can be expensive or can annoy your neighbors. Motion sensor lights solve this problem. They only turn on when they sense movement, leaving you safe to walk around your house and intruders without a dark path to sneak up.

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras offer an extra measure of protection that goes beyond a traditional alarms system. When burglars know that they will be caught on camera, they are much less likely to attempt to break in. Even if they do decide to break in, you will have evidence that the police can use to track them down quickly.

More significantly, security cameras record at all times as long as there is movement within its range. The footage is stored and can be viewed on your smartphone or computer. You can monitor your children or aging parents using a remote video or you can check up on your home while you are on vacation.

Smart Locks

Using smart locks means that you won’t have to ever worry about misplacing your keys again. Instead, they use unique codes to lock and unlock your doors. They can also be connected to your surveillance camera and let you know who is coming and going from your home. Most smart locks are battery operated, which means you won’t be locked out of your home during a power outage and the lack of a keyhole means that no one can use a copy of your key to break in. The codes are fairly easy to change, so you can set a code for a neighbor to come check on your house while you are on vacation.

Figuring out home security doesn’t have to be a hassle or a headache. When deciding what to do about your home security, do a little research on where you live and what the trends are and make your decisions accordingly.


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