5 Must-Have Features of Today’s Smart Homes

December 8, 2017 Articles 0 Comments

Smart homes are homes that are wired with various electronic gadgets meant to make the lives of inhabitants a bit easier. There are thousands of potential additions out there, but a few tend to be installed in most smart homes. Below are five of the must-have features of today’s smart homes.

Intelligent Appliances

Many smart home upgrades begin in the kitchen. Smart appliances have become incredibly attractive to new homeowners, especially when those appliances can make their lives easier. Networked refrigerators have revolutionized the way that owners stock their kitchens and plan their meals, all while helping them to count calories and avoid overspending.

Smart Thermostat

Convenience is one of the key factors behind the smart home movement. One of the cleverest features is the smart thermostat, an integrated piece of technology that helps your home learn your heating and cooling preferences. Not only can the thermostat regulate the temperature to the liking of the home’s inhabitants, but it can also adjust the HVAC system to save energy when no one is home.

Keyless Locks

Most new cars don’t use a physical key, so why should your home? Keyless door locks have become a hit among smart homeowners who want to up their security while still embracing new technology. These locks typically use a smartphone in the place of a key fob but also allow for one-time codes to be issued to others. This takes away the problems inherent in making extra keys while still allowing for easy entry for those who you actually want in your home.

Automated Lighting

Automated lighting is another one of those tech tools that seems to have been a long time coming. These lights use sophisticated sensors to track the movement of individuals within a home, adjusting lighting room by room to ensure maximum comfort. These lights also solve the age-old problem of leaving lights on while you’re gone – a quick setting change can either ensure that lights are off when no one is home or set them to a timer to ward off criminals.

Enhanced Security

Home security has evolved to the point that it can be controlled remotely by an app on your phone and a variety of fantastic new tools help smart homes stay safer than ever. Of course, no home security setup is complete without fire and flood protection. From enhanced smoke detectors that automatically call the fire department to high-definition cameras that can be viewed from a smartphone app, these security devices keep smart home safer than ever before.

Smart home technology is constantly improving. The best tools available today might change, but they still reveal quite a bit about what homebuyers of the future might want. Taking a look at these tools can tell you quite a bit about where home technology is heading.


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