5 Technologies to Make Your Smart Home Even Smarter

December 11, 2017 Articles 0 Comments

Looking to upgrade your home, but unsure what you need? Already have a smart home, but want to make it smarter? These five devices will help you make the most of your home.

Home Assistant

No home is smart without a controller. With a home assistant at your command, the house does all the work for you! Run your smart appliances, play music, and figure out conditions while you’re on the way out. These assistants can even set alarms and remind you of coming events. It may start to feel like part of the family!

Temperature Controllers

Life’s always easier when you’re comfortable. Having a home that stays the perfect temperature is important to one’s comfort. Why not have your house make you comfortable? Smart thermostats can link up to your home assistant or other devices and set the temperature to feel just right while you relax. Never will you have to fidget with a dial ever again.


If you can control the heat from afar, then why not the lights? Smart LED lights will making lighting the house simple and will help you feel safe by coming back to a bright home. Different bulbs also come with unique features: some require no hubs or devices to use, and some memorize and replay your lighting patterns while you’re away. Imagine using these bulbs at Christmas!

Wireless Cameras

Wireless cameras are the safety blanket of any smart home. Keep track of every corner of your house via your devices, and even take snapshots or save parts of the video for later. Some wireless cameras also link up with security systems installed in your house, so be sure to get one that connects with your home!


With something as important as your own home, it’s crucial to protect it with the finest security systems. Smart security systems can keep your doors locked for you, take pictures of possible intruders, and contact you if it detects trouble. Paired with a good camera, your home will never feel safer.


Check out the following links for advice on the best devices to purchase for your smart home, as well as more detailed explanations on how these gadgets will help you make the most of your home!