Why Data Extraction Efforts are Difficult in the Healthcare Industry

December 18, 2017 menu-1 0 Comments

Over the past decade, healthcare professionals have been experiencing data access challenges. Most of them suffer these difficulties when trying to access data from healthcare records of patients. These problems occur due to lack of appropriate information system integration. They may also arise due to the quality and quantity of the recorded data. Listed below are other reasons why these challenges are so rampant in the healthcare industry.


Use of Outdated Computer Systems

Technology advances in the healthcare sector focus on simplifying healthcare operations. However, some institutions still have outdated computer systems. These systems make the process of data extraction difficult. According to Computer Weekly, managers have been compelled to keep these legacy data systems because they believe that they are working properly. More likely is the explanation given by Harmony Healthcare – that the cost and difficulty of migration and extraction, together with the potential for permanent damage, is compelling care providers to continue to service impossibly old systems. Either way, legacy systems are hard to improve, maintain, and expand. They pose significant risks to data storage and retrieval.


Budgetary Constraints

Most healthcare corporations fail to invest in good IT infrastructure due to budgetary constraints. These constraints force them to continue to use ineffective and outdated information management systems. They also lead to increased supportability expenses on things like software and hardware maintenance. These corporations should be aware of the fact that secure and updated information technologies are cost-effective.


Shortage of Legacy Programmers

Legacy programmers are IT experts whose expertise lies in maintaining old computer systems. Old computer hardware and software have a lot of maintenance and improvement issues. Healthcare institutions need legacy programmers or information systems admins who can use old computer hardware and software to store, retrieve, and mine patient information. The problem is that most healthcare companies are hiring young IT professionals that have never even heard of pre-Oracle systems or EHR. These young professionals face difficulties when trying to carry out activities like data extraction on legacy systems.


Integration Issues

According to the National Institutes of Health, data extraction exercises can be slowed down by integration issues. New software programs that use different technologies cause integration issues. Healthcare corporations should upgrade their legacy data systems to be at par with the latest technologies to curb these problems. They should also purchase information management software programs that are supported by their computers.


Integration issues and a shortage of legacy programmers are causing data extraction challenges throughout the industry. The use of outdated legacy data systems and budgetary constraints may also contribute to the difficulties. These difficulties are likely a primary driver of an increasing number of firms in healthcare and other industries looking to industry experts for help. We’d love to be a part of the solution!