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Business to Business

Business Networking

Structured Cabling Installation – Your business network is the backbone of your organisation handling your internal network traffic, Internet access and even your VOIP phone system; a fast and reliable business network will pay for itself, regardless of the size of your business a bottleneck in your network slows down your productivity. We specify and install the cabling and hardware to ensure your business network is ready for tomorrows demands.

Secure WiFi – Many of today’s devices only work on WiFi, it is imperative that your wireless signal is not only fast but also secure. we have assisted a number of businesses in giving a secure wireless business network for staff while providing a separate Guest network for customers which allows no access to the business network keeping the business data safe and secure. In our experience small hotels are particularly vulnerable with consumer grade WiFi giving no separation between the business network and Guest networks creating a serious security risk for both staff and customer data especially. We can provide WiFi both internally and externally even over long distances to bridge networking between buildings.

Network Monitoring  – With the addition of some hardware we can watch over and troubleshoot your business network and resolve problems before your even aware of an issue, it’s like having an engineer on site 24/7 without having an engineer on site. Saving you Time and Money!

Automated Boardroom Solutions – Imagine walking into your boardroom and pressing just one button to get your presentation underway, no need to find the correct cables, hunt out the remote control find the correct inputs. Our solutions are so simple you don’t need to train your staff!

Digital Signage and Video distribution – Need to get your presentations or videos on one or more screens we have the tools you need.

Security – we install CCTV , Door entry , Burglar alarms

Automation – by automating everyday tasks controlling lighting and heating and Audio Visual we make your organisation more energy efficient saving you money on your bills.

Why are we better than an IT department?

Everything under one umbrella – we can look after every aspect of technology within your organisation we have a background in IT with extensive experience installing technology from putting screens on walls to running and terminating cabling to the products meaning you don’t need to worry about who to call. In fact you dont need to call us thanks to your superfast Business Network and additional hardware we know about problems before you do!