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Remote monitoring

Remote Network Management

The reality is that most medium to small business’s do not have an IT department or even much of a budget to look after the equipment that is now considered vital to running a cost effective business. Many IT companies run with a tech savvy member of staff who has some knowledge but is most likely a little overwhelmed and maybe even feel a bit out of their depth with the increased workload and stress that nursing an ailing IT system brings. Even if you have an IT department how do you know your network is always running at it’s best; do they have time to monitor all of the devices on the network, constantly monitoring speeds and response times? The truth is most IT personnel whether it’s one man nursing a small network or a large IT department looking after hundreds of computers provides reactive maintenance or support delivered only when things go wrong this inevitably means downtime for your network grinding your business to a halt while IT staff battle to get you back online.

It’s time to get Proactive!

With our remote monitoring system we add the ability to monitor and test equipment constantly on a schedule alerting us to problems that are developing and allowing us to react immediately no need for you to call an no need for us to drive to you reducing the cost to your business both in downtime and repair costs. You no longer need to wait for an Engineer to come out just to power cycle a device to get it back online, we can sort it for you from our monitoring centre.

So what exactly do we do ?
Network Monitoring:
24/7 network and device monitoring with device checks every 30 seconds. Supports multi subnet & VLANs, SNMP and ZigBee. That’s right we check on your devices every 30 seconds!

Remote Device Access:
If any device doesn’t respond as expected  we take a closer look to investigate, we can remotely connect to any console and remote desktop devices. Support http/s, RDP, SSH, Telnet connections. If we find a device is inaccessible we can send a command to power cycle it and bring it back online

Network & Device Alerts:
Email and push notification alerts for network status, device offline and when a new device is found (intruder alerts). Unlimited alerts at no extra charge!

Remote Power Management:
Remote power management, device reboot, POE and Auto and on Demand Wake-on-LAN. Supports network switches and PDU’s.

Automated Network Mapping:
Automated discovery of devices connected to a managed network switch. Supports SNMP and POE to monitor the data traffic and manage power of individual ports.

Network Diagnostics:
We have many tools at our disposal to tell us what your network is doing Speed tests, internet health checks, network history log and Ethernet port monitoring.

Our Solution is cloud based which means if your internet service goes down completely we still get an alert that enables us to investigate and even report the problem to your ISP.

This is all done instantaneously meaning by the time your staff becomes aware of something not working in most cases we have already got it sorted.  We will keep you informed so you know we’ve got your back letting you concentrate on doing


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