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Attract Customers with Free WiFi Keep them with Good WiFi!

It’s not enough to put up a sign and hand out a password to customers when they order at the bar, if the internet isn’t good enough to load a web page or send an email will they stay for that second drink?

When you offer Free WiFi your offering a service to enhance your customers experience you are also at the same time putting your staff your guests and your business at risk. There are steps you must take to ensure your guests have an enjoyable experience and your business network secure. Regardless of the risks offering free WiFi makes sense!

  • Network Security

The number one factor when setting up guest access for your guests is ensuring that your network is secure, you need to control what your customers can do and access online. They shouldn’t be able to see other devices on your network; if they can then they have access to your server, banking, printer and every other device that’s sitting on your network.

  • Network Stability

Inviting guests onto a network that is unstable to start with will not only frustrate staff and customers it will end in complaints. in order to have a stable network you need to have a sufficiently strong wireless signal, that means having enterprise grade networking equipment with wireless access points installed at strategic locations in order to provide a good quality signal to all of the areas your your customers use.

  • Number of users

Think about the number of users that might be connected at the same time; most consumer grade WiFi access points won’t be able to cope with more than a half dozen concurrent connections.

  • Available Bandwidth

Just like the number of likely users consider how much bandwidth  you have available, if your internet is frustrating for staff it will be much worse once you add customers. Consider speeding up your broadband with fiber or load balancing multiple connections.

A professionally installed network will bring many benefits.

  • stable internet service that your customers will be able to use without frustration
  • eliminate downtime
  • data will be safe and secure.
  • a new way of building a customer database
  • recurring revenue and increased sales
  • Get network to areas you didn’t think you could



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