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Structured cabling

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The Importance of Structured Cabling

  • Future proof

By far one of the most significant reason to upgrade your structured cabling system is the higher bandwidth you will achieve, this increases reliability and supports business growth. An IT system that is manageable and can grow at the same rate as your business is essential as it enables you to respond quickly to industry changes.  In order to retain existing customers and continuously acquire new ones, businesses need a system that supports the quick and easy development and deployment of new services. With a strong background, you can rest assured your network infrastructure won’t become outdated and will support the applications of tomorrow.

  • Simplify

A messy network rack is difficult at best to maintain, if a problem occurs, it is far easier to identify  and solve it with a correctly installed structured cabling network. This means far less time and money lost in the long-term, with a poorly maintained rack your IT technicians need to spend time tracking and tracing cabling just to find where a device plugs in potentially. Properly installed every connection is labelled so that your IT technicians know exactly where to go.

  • Flexibility

A structured cabling system brings flexibility – keeping your business competitive. This is because it can quickly and easily be scaled up or down reacting to current climate, staffing levels, cash flow helping you react to the real world challenges encountered when running a business.

  • Eliminate Downtime

When coupled with our remote monitoring & support system downtime is all but eliminated, our solutions can ensure the devices you identify as crucial to your business. Imagine your PDQ drops off the network how will you take card payments; imagine within 60 seconds of it losing it’s connection we have received an alert power cycled the hardware notified you and brought the device back online, then imagine having to turn down an opportunity because you can’t process the payment!

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