Control 4 Home Automation System

July 15, 2018

We use control 4 as our control system of choice in both large scale home automation projects as well as smaller single room solutions like home cinema projects or boardroom solutions for business. The Control 4 system  is suitable for projects where audio visual equipment is to be integrated and controlled by a single app, handheld remote control or on screen interface. There is a massive database of products that can be integrated and this is bolstered by third party software developers  who produce software drivers for integration. Our aim with all of our automation installations is to provide a solution that is easy to use.

What does that mean:

You may not know it but you already have many automation products in your home if you have a time clock to turn on your heating at certain time of day then that’s automation or a timer on your appliances; maybe you have an alarm system that you don’t use because it’s too complicated when we automate your home you will use all of your technology without even knowing it with the press of a single button you can switch of all of the devices in your house confirm windows are closed lights are off and set the alarm with a single button press.

Although we are based in Scotland our customers like to use us wherever we go and that has given us the opportunities to work further afield with Control 4 Installations in the South of France, London & some very remote control 4 installations in the north of Scotland.  If you having issues finding a dealer in your location why not get in touch. Our prices remain the same wherever we go; we don’t charge you more because your further afield or choose to live in an affluent area.


Visit us at the control 4 dealer website for more information.