July 22, 2018

Dahua Security

The Dahua range of HDCVI & IP CCTV  & Access equipment opens up a world of possibilities at a very affordable price. The entire range comes with a 3 year advanced replacement warranty. That is why we put our faith in Dahua along with the fact we can seamlessly integrate it into our smart-home automation systems both Control 4 and Loxone.  

The entire range of Dahua security products can all be accessed and operated through the easy to use app and PC/Mac software which is freely available. All you need is an internet connection to view your cameras and receive notifications from anywhere and you don’t need to be an expert to use them.

Upgrading With Dahua HDCVI

The HDCVI range offers the ability to upgrade your existing cameras to Full HD without the need to rewire your system as they operate over the coaxial cable you already have. They are also a very affordable option if you are just looking to put a couple cameras around your house for a little extra security and with our expertise we can even have your cameras triggering your outside lights and send notifications to your phone.

Dahua IP Cameras

Given the advancement in technologies the recommended option for new camera systems would be an IP system, IP cameras are far more flexible and feature rich. Image quality can be as high as 4k this then enables multiple streams from the same cameras with fish eye lenses that can demorph and record in any direction, Trip wire detection that’s more accurate than motion detection, facial recognition & more.  With motorised lenses  IP cameras can keep themselves in focus meaning picture perfect playback at all times.

Check out one of our IP Camera installations here

Our Dahua distributor also offers a range of accessories like point to point WiFi meaning you can fit cameras at opposite ends of your field, Yard, Garden without needing to run cables to it ( as long as there’s power at both ends).