Doorbird – Video Intercom on your phone

July 21, 2018

Doorbird – Never Miss Another Visitor


Never miss another visitor

Doorbird is not just another WiFi Doorbell in fact you shouldn’t consider it a WiFi doorbell at all. Why is that important?

During our extensive and ongoing testing of wireless doorbells we always come to same conclusion Wired is Best! Of course Doorbird can run on WiFi we just advise against it. All wireless doorbells have a fatal flaw; They need a good WiFi connection to operate.

Before you buy a wireless doorbell stand outside your door with the door closed and check your internet speed on your phone while connected WiFi and holding your phone where the Doorbell is going. You might just be lucky and have a good signal but if it’s not a full signal a WiFi doorbell is not going to function properly.

All that aside the doorbird is better than any other doorbell on the market. Along with the smart functionality it can open locks meaning it can be used as a Gate and Door Entry solution. With the free app there is the ability to check whats going on outside your house and two levels of cloud recording Free & Paid it doubles as a CCTV camera.¬† Doorbird has another trick up it’s sleeve Doorbird has a device that convert your existing analogue intercom into a smart IP intercom that is connected to the internet and can be answered from your phone.

Use the links below check if your intercom is compatible here:

Doorbird can be fully integrated into Control 4 and Loxone smart-home control systems.