Honeywell EvoHome Smart Heating & Security Systems

July 28, 2018

When you think of Heating controls you probably think of Nest or Hive as these are the heavily advertised on the TV, Advertising agencies have been paid millions of pounds to convince you that these smart thermostats are the thermostats you should have. We have not only tested the various thermostats on the market but we have installed them in our own homes. There is one major flaw with such thermostats and that flaw has been the same for centuries;  they  monitor & control one zone of central heating or in new building application they can possibly control two zones in order to comply with current regulations one upstairs and one down.

Our go to product for central heating control whether it be a standalone smart heating system or integrated into a whole house automation system like control 4 or Loxone.

We have been installing Honeywell products for many years both heating systems and security alarm systems. There is a reason why Honeywell control & security systems are installed in business worldwide including Banks and Government buildings. When it comes to manufacturing their products have stood the test of time and have a proven track record and are proven to be reliable in every installation. It is because of this track record that we have invested our time in completing their stringent training programme’s and getting to know the products inside out.

Honeywell EvoHome is a multizone heating system that is not only a Smart heating system & connected to the internet able to be accessed remotely on the phone but it has been built to Honeywell standards by Honeywell in UK factories. The system works by controlling each radiator or underfloor heating loop individually. As part of the installation process we conduct a free site survey which allows us to test wireless communication throughout your property and design your control system accordingly. There are many heating installers who install Honeywell controls but only the installers with connected specialist status have invested the time in training and proved the ability to install to Honeywell standards,

As a  smart technology company we would steer you towards  a multi-zone system as being the most efficient way to heat your home and business, but don’t forget we can install the entire Honeywell range and when it comes to security we undergone the same level of training and can install all levels of honeywell alarm panels including the Honeywell Galaxy systems that are found in high security installations like banks and government buildings.