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July 21, 2018
Loxone - Woman using Loxone Keypad

Loxone Smart-Home For Real People No Gimmicks


Brings a refreshing approach to the term Smart-home; designed from the ground up an incredible amount of thought has gone into what a smart-home actually is. Rather than having a focus on just Audio Visual systems Loxone have designed a system that automates all of the really important parts of your home and automates them in a way that will enhance the time you spend there.

Most smart-home installations start out with smart lighting in mind and that is where the Loxone journey begins. Loxone recommends initially that every room in your home has a motion detector and the reason for that is clear. How does your home know you are in a room to automate it without first detecting your movement? It can’t… Look around your living room there’s a fair chance you already have a motion detector perhaps from that alarm system your scared to use because it’s too complicated. This is where Loxone comes in with it’s fresh approach. With a standard alarm you have two main sensors around your property¬† motion detectors (pir’s) and contact sensors for your doors and windows. What if we now said with those sensors you can control lights, temperature, TV, Music a new world of possibilities opens up.

Important fact:

Loxone manufactures all of it’s own devices meaning they know exactly how the devices interact with each other, there is no mix and match of products and all of the warranty is in one place.

Security and Comfort

A properly installed Loxone system will know when you are at home and when your out. It knows if is anything happens when your out to let you know about it.

  • Burglar Alarm
  • Leak detection
  • Lighting control
  • Energy conservation
  • Zonal heating
  • Blind control
  • Carbon monoxide detectors & Smoke alarms

Make your home look like it’s occupied when it’s not.