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Smart Technology for the home

Smart Home solutions – Gone are the days when you had to be a millionaire to benefit from smart home technologies. There are many different home automation products on the market  and they are becoming more affordable but which one should you go for. We recommend and install Control 4, we can also offer other smart systems that can control multiple properties to a single room eliminating those multiple remote controls.

Smart Heating systems –  We are accredited by major manufacturers in the installation of smart boiler controls, our system of choice is Honeywell Evohome. Where single a single zone thermostat can be fitted and will save you some money off your bills Honeywell Evohome is a true multi-zone smart heating system that operates in all areas of your house independently of each other; it can be retrofitted to any property new or old  without running cables or any damage to walls or floors. There are potential savings of up to 40% on your heating bills with the Evohome smart heating system. View the Evohome video for more info.

Smart Lighting – Just like smart heating systems smart lighting systems can save you money on your bills and make your environment more comfortable and more secure! With the Control4 smart lighting system we can retrofit into your property replacing existing light switches with more modern and smart keypads that can switch lights on and off automatically based on your routines even when your not at home keeping the burglars guessing is the best way to keep them out.

Smart Security Systems – There have been many advancements in technology over the years and the greatest thing is that 90% of new technology in the security industry is compatible with the systems you have now. You may have an existing CCTV system that doesn’t give a very good picture the good news is we can fit true HD quality cameras on your existing cables there is absolutely no need to rewire. Wireless alarm systems have made massive leaps forward and are just as reliable as wired alarm system. Advancements in Doorbell and Intercom means you can see who’s at your door or gate and communicate to grant access from anywhere in the world.

Smart Audio Visual – In the modern home you no longer need to have your devices in sight, a centralised system that hides all of your equipment amplifiers, sky boxes, DVD players, media streamers in a cupboard or an area of unused space makes your environment less cluttered. Imagine you see just your TV on the wall and discrete stylish speakers in your ceiling you can control it all from a single remote control or phone app and share your media to any or all rooms in your house.

Smart Technology is not a toy – You may think all these Smart devices are simply toys for the technically minded but whether you consider yourself tech savvy or not smart technology is for you! we can install systems in houses designed around the elderly and disabled for example you can give access, control comfort, detect and notify movement give you the means to look after your relatives from afar enabling them to stay in their own homes and keep their independence. It doesn’t matter if they can’t physically press buttons voice control that was once seen as a fiction in  movies is now a reality.


How it works – We wil meet with you to discuss your goals if you have a builder or designer we will also meet with them.

Planning is key – If your smart technology installation is properly planned it will run smooth on time and on budget.

Cabling – Using the correct cables not only means everything works as it should having a plan for future options means your smart system will work with the smart technology of tomorrow.

Network – Just like in business your home network is the backbone and nervous system of your smart home. Streaming 4k movies for example requires speeds that average 25 megabits per second multiply that to 4 as your family is all streaming and using the internet and your superfast broadband is used to capacity that’s just the external speed what if your internal home network isn’t up to speed, few ISP supplied routers are able to cope!

Products – We work mainly with products that are only available to the custom install market; you wont find the same models in high street shops or even on the web. Custom install products are more robust and packed with extra features that allow us to hide your equipment away in a rack with the the ability to have full reliable control

Alarms – HDCCTV – TV Wallmounting – Home Cinema – HD TV distribution – Multi Room Audio – Home Networking – Smart Heating and Lighting – Fully centralised and automated solutions


All of the above can work from a single App on your phone or tablet!